Otto Bludau

Emigrated to Peru

Also in Peru, especially in Lima and the surrounding area, you will find several families named Bludau.
Some of them may be descendents from one from my ancestors,who emigrates to Peru nearly hundred years ago:Otto Bludau from Herne (Germany).

Unfortunately, not much information about Otto Bludau are available −and the few known facts are also often been transmitted orally within the family,therefore some of the following information should be considered only with certain reserves.
Otto Bludau in Herne (ca. 1899)Otto Bludau in Herne (ca. 1899)

Otto Bludau in Lima (1924)Otto Bludau in Lima (1924)

The photo above shows Bludau Otto (right) at the age of about 6 years with his parents Andreas and Berthaand his younger brothers Paul (left) and Bruno (center), taken around 1899 in Herne (Germany).

The photo below shows Otto Bludau with his wife Laura, taken 1924 in Lima (Peru).
Otto Bludau was born as the first son of Andreas and Bertha Bludau.
His place of birth was presumably Elbing (East-Prussia, Germany), today Elblag (Poland).
The Family lived in the town of Mehlsack, today Pieniezno (Poland), and moved to Herne/Westphalia (Germany) in 1896/1897.
Otto had two younger brothers, Bruno, born 1894 in Elbing, and Paul, born in Herne.

Otto emigrated to Peru about 1910/1911.
He lived − at least in his last years − in the capital Lima and was married with Laura.
Otto Bludau died early to mid 1930s.
The number of children of Otto and his wife is unfortunately not survived.

According to various sources on the Internet there was a Otto Bludau living in Satipo,a small town in the province Satipo in the interior of Peru, around 1930.
If this Otto Bludau is the same one as mentioned before is not sure, but quite likely.

There are currently only two known photos of Otto Bludau.

The first photo (above) shows Bludau Otto (right) at the age of about 6 years with his parentsAndreas and Bertha and his younger brothers Paul (left) and Bruno (center).
The picture was taken around 1899 in Herne (Germany).

The second photo (below) shows Otto Bludau with his wife Laura.
The picture was taken 1924 in Lima (Peru) and was a gift for Ottos brother Bruno,who lived in Recklinghausen (Germany).
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