Otto Bludau

Emigrated to Peru

Also in Peru, especially in Lima and the surrounding area, you will find several families named Bludau.
Some of them are descendents from one from my ancestors, who emigrates to Peru nearly hundred years ago:
Otto Bludau from Herne (Germany).
Otto Bludau in Herne (ca. 1897)Otto Bludau in Herne (ca. 1897)

Otto Bludau in Lima (1924)Otto Bludau in Lima (1924)

The photo above shows Bludau Otto (right) at the age of about 6 years with his parents Andreas and Bertha and his younger brothers Paul (left) and Bruno (center), taken around 1897 in Herne (Germany).

The photo below shows Otto Bludau with his wife María Jesús Molina, taken 1924 in Lima (Peru).

Otto Bludau was born in 1892 as the first son of Andreas and Bertha Bludau.
His place of birth was presumably Elbing (East-Prussia, Germany), today Elblag (Poland).
The Family lived in the town of Mehlsack, today Pieniezno (Poland), and moved to Herne/Westphalia (Germany) in 1894/1895.
Otto had two younger brothers, Bruno, born 1894 in Elbing, and Paul, born 1895 in Herne.

Otto emigrated to Peru in 1914.

Around 1930 he lived in Satipo, a small town in the province Satipo in the interior of Peru. He worked there as a »City Manager« for a few years.

He was married with María Jesús Molina.
With his second wife Graciela he had four children.

Otto Bludau died in February 1939 in Lima.

The first photo (above) shows Bludau Otto (right) at the age of about 6 years with his parents Andreas and Bertha and his younger brothers Paul (left) and Bruno (center).
The picture was taken around 1897 in Herne (Germany).

The second photo (below) shows Otto Bludau with his wife María Jesús Molina.
The picture was taken 1924 in Lima (Peru) and was a gift for Ottos brother Bruno,who lived in Recklinghausen (Germany).

One access, one matchpoint

You can believe it or not:
In spring 2010 the only facts I knew about my granduncle Otto Bludau were: he emigrated to Peru in 1910, he was married and died in the 1930s.
I did not even know if he had children!
Apart from these scanty facts and the two photos on this website I had no further information about him.

In March 2010 I found with the help of Google some people with the name Bludau in Peru and the information that a Otto Bludau lived in the town of Satipo (Peru) in the 1930s.
I asked myself, if these Bludaus could be descendents of my granduncle − and if the Otto Bludau could be my emigrated granduncle?

Therefore in June 2010 I decided to create this page.

The intention was, that probably a descendent of Otto Bludau could find this page...
But I had no great hope that someone would find this website.
Who should search for a »Otto Bludau from Peru« − except me...

Whatever: On June 16th 2010 the first version of this page was published, combined with the following search request:

If you have any Information about Otto Bludau from Peru or if you are a descendent of him, please contact me.
Send an e-mail to:
J. Bludau,

Three days later, on June 19th 2010, the page was indexed by the Google Searchrobot.

But then: On July 10th 2010, less than four weeks later, I found an entry in the log-files of this website.
Somebody found this page for the first time by using the searchwords »Otto Bludau Peru«.
However, the access didn't come from Peru or South-America but surprisingly from New York City!

Two days later, on July 12th 2010, I received an email.
The sender was a granddaughter of Otto, who lives in the USA today.
We are in contact now.

Meanwhile I know for sure that the Bludaus in Peru I found in Google are really descendents of my granduncle Otto Bludau and some of them are living in the USA today...

One access to this page - and just a matchpoint!

The Internet makes many things possible, but I never thought, that it works so fast...

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